Friday, 11 April 2014

Seed Bombs: A Bee Friendly Craft

Now, we know you're wondering: what is a seed bomb?

It's really quite simple. It's a tool invented by 'guerrilla' gardeners to allow them to get plants into areas not easily accessible or where traditional methods of gardening would not be possible. That abandoned, but fenced off lot? Perfect! An lonely median on a busy street? Challenge accepted! Guerrilla Gardening has a great page displaying several more inventive designs and a brief history of the seed bomb.

What we used in our was red clay, newspaper (optional), compost, soil and seeds. Essentially you want to create a thick paste that will hold the seeds and be fairly firm when dried, but is easily dissolved in water. In our mix we used Dutch White Clover kindly donated to us by Homesteader's Emporium.

All of the ingredients were pretty easy to find. Almost everything can be bought from your local shops. We sourced our clay from a craft store, but depending on where you are it can all be bought at a garden centre. 
Clover seeds! So tiny!

Once you have all the ingredients together, it's time to get messy! Get a nice big bucket and mix up your base with a little water, using just enough to make a thick paste. Once it's all mixed up add the seeds. Optionally, add everything all at once and mix away. You may want to get some small children to do this for you, they are excellent at mud mixing.
Tanya was kind enough to do all the 'dirty' work. 
Once the mix is ready, make balls out of them. We made about 1/4 cup balls, and laid them out in the sun to dry. We even had a little neighbourhood helper pop over while we (read: Tanya) were doing this.

Almost look good enough to eat! Just kidding, we had muffins and cookies instead. 
Overall, it's a pretty simple and fun way to get gardening.

If you want to know more about seed bombs check out the Wiki page on it. Heavy Petal also has a great step by step guide for seed bombs! 

Looking for some more ideas or supplies for gardening, bee keeping or just about any DIY fancy, Homesteader's Emporium is just off Princess and Hastings in Vancouver, BC. Not only did they donate the most important ingredient to our seed bombs, but they're also a great resource for finding supplies for everything from cheese making to bee keeping. 

Happy seeding! 

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